Why Curd/Dahi is World’s Healthiest Food | Top 15 Health Benefits of Eating Curd/Dahi

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Curd/Yogurt or dahi is counted as the world’s healthiest food because of its amazing health benefits. It is prepared at home using milk or fermented milk products through the process of bacterial fermentation of the milk (or yogurt cultures). Eating yogurt is preferred by the people all across the world as it aids lot of benefits to the digestive system. It is used in India in many rituals during the pooja ceremony. It is used to make various recipes to enhance their flavour and look.
In our country, Curd/Dahi is used with every meal & lots of other healthy recipes are prepared from Dahi.
Importance of eating Curd/Dahi during summers increase many fold because Curd/Dahi keeps your body cool & energetic during summers.

1. Fulfils Calcium and Vitamin D Requirement
Adding curd to the diet makes it a balanced diet and considered as adequate nutrition which plays a major role in preventing the osteoporosis as it contains more calcium and vitamin D.

2. Makes Bones and Teeth Healthy and Strong
Calcium is very important component of making the bone and teeth healthy and strong.

3. Makes Skeletal System Strong
Curd has both, the calcium and vitamin D which have great skeletal benefits in combined form.

4. Manages Normal Blood Pressure
Eating yogurt on regular basis helps in managing the normal blood pressure.

5. Keeps the Digestive System Healthy
It makes the digestive system healthy and strong by helping in various problems like lactose intolerance, diarrhoea, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer and gastrointestinal infections.

6. Improves Immunity
It boosts the body immune system and prevents from various infections by stimulating the infection fighting white blood cells.

7. Prevents from Ulcer
It prevents from the ulcer of stomach and small intestine and decreases the risk of stomach cancer.

8. Prevents from Vaginal Infections
It prevents from the vaginal infections of Candida or Yeast among women with diabetes.

9. Makes Digestion Easy
It is easy to digest food and best for the people who do not like milk or lactose intolerance as the fermentation process breaks down the lactose into glucose and galactose.

10. Reduces Risk of Viral and Allergic Disorders
It prevents from the viral and allergic disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

11. Improves Helpful Intestinal Bacteria
Helpful bacteria found in it replenish the intestines and prevent from the harmful bacteria.

12. Contains Healthy Protein
It is also a good source of easy to digest protein (10-14 g protein/8 ounce) than the same amount of milk.

13. Lowers Blood Cholesterol Level
It has ability to lower the blood cholesterol level thus prevents from the variety of heart diseases and strokes.

14. Loaded with Vitamins
It is loaded with number of vitamins like riboflavin, vitamin B5, B12 which helps in maintaining the health of red blood cells and nervous system.

15. Energetic Food
It is a highly energetic food which helps to recover faster after the hard work out.

Eat ample amount of curd during summers as this superfood will boost your immunity & good for your health in hot summers. If you are allergic to Curd/Dahi then avoid eating it or consult a Doctor. Eat fresh Curd/Dahi avoid stale /sour dahi.

Do you have any query regarding health benefits of Curd/Dahi ,please get in touch with me.

Dietitian Vinita Jaiswal

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