9 Diet Hacks That Will Convert Fat into Fit

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It is quite evident that losing fat is not an easy task. If it were, people wouldn’t have spent on a million different diet plans and products. However, even the smallest weight loss tricks or changes in food habits can make a huge difference as far as dietary or weight loss plans are concerned. Given below 9 simple tricks that can be easily incorporated so that you can lose more fat.

  1. Modify your Crockery: Fooling yourself with fancy plates and glasses as well as other tableside items can go a long way in helping you reduce your body fat. Small modifications in dinnerware are capable of tricking you into eating lesser amounts than usual. Using smaller plates makes the portions of food seem larger. Similarly, thinner and taller glasses make the beverages look bigger. Colours of the plates have a role to play too. Plates should be of such colour that it is in contrast to the foods normally consumed.
  2. Choice of Alcoholic Beverages: Alcohol consumption leads to increased weight or calorie count. Hence, the choice of alcohol must be done with respect to the number of calories it adds.
  3. Salads and Sauces: Being one of the easiest changes that can be made, having salads and sauces on the side can helping in controlling the amount of gravy or dressing consumed.
  4. Imagination: A mental image, which enables you to think that you are going to eat more than you should, should be developed which would aid you to prevent overeating. It is believed that the imagination of overindulging hampers our motivation to eat in excess.
  5. Intermittent Fasting: Body fat is reduced when food is normally consumed within a smaller period of time than usual.
  6. Reduced Carbs: Maintaining a diet low in carbohydrates not only helps in reducing fats in the body but also forces the body to use the stored fat in the form of energy.
  7. Discard Diet Soda: Although diet sodas do not contain calories, consumption of diet soda forces you into eating more food and hence adding body weight. A healthier replacement would be drinking cold lemon water.
  8. Add More Vegetables: Most fat loss plans end in consuming more vegetables. A simple trick like doubling the amount of vegetables in any recipe can go a long way in reducing fat.
  9. Water: Drinking large amounts of water is very helpful in losing fat. If you drink water before a meal, hunger and in turn, intake of fatty foods is reduced.


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