Wellness Programs

These days people are spending half of their time at offices, schools & colleges. At your workplace you may not get the idol food environment to eat the choices of food and what you wanted to have, so we are providing on campus Corporate Wellness Program where we will give a session to stay healthy and fit while continuing your works. We are also providing wellness session for schools & colleges. At AaharExpert our main focus is weight loss, weight gain & Gym which is being asked by most of the customers but we believe that there might be many people who are looking for specific diet help and we do care about them also.

Corporate Wellness Program

A healthy workforce is the barometer of a healthy organisation.

Nowadays a lot of man days are being lost due to the poor health of the employees of the organisation. The loss in man days results in the financial losses for an organisation as well as the productivity of the employees goes down.

About The Program:

At AAHAAR EXPERT we conduct following program for corporate wellness:

Awareness/Workshops for employees to adopt a “Healthy Diet & Healthy Lifestyle”.

Clearing/Doubts of the employees regarding Diet .

We encourage employees to adopt a healthy diet & lifestyle & also help them learn healthy diet recipes.

Body Fat analysis/Personal Consultation for the employees.

We also plan a healthy menu for the canteen of the organisation keeping in mind the calorie requirements of the Top,Middle & Lower staff.

To organize a Corporate Wellness workshop on Healthy Diet & Lifestyle for your organisation please get in touch with me on – [email protected] or call/SMS on 900 901 33 63.

Main Features

  • Free Brief Dieting Guide
  • Free Dieting Brochure
  • Diet Sessions Considering Type Of Works & Company
  • One To One Intraction With Employees
  • Special Discount For Session Attendees

Diet Awareness For School & Colleges

Child/Teenage obesity is one the rise in India. Young India(boys & girls) are suffering from modern age diseases like Cardiac, Diabetes, PCOS, Thyroid, Cancer etc.

At Schools/Colleges, we encourage/motivate kids to adopt a healthy diet & lifestyle.And we also tell them the hazards of junk & unhealthy food.

After attending our sessions the kids & their parents will understand the simple & easy ways to choose healthy diet over unhealthy/junk diet.

At Aahaar Expert, it is our strong endeavour to make young India a Healthy & Fit India.

For organizing an awareness workshop on : “Healthy Diet & Lifestyle” in your school/college please write to me on – [email protected] or Call/SMS on 900 901 33 63.

Main Features

  • Awareness Session On Healthy Diet & Lifestyle
  • Encouraging/Motivating To Students To Adopt Healthy Diet & Lifestyle
  • One To One Interaction With students
  • Special Discount For Session Attendees
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