About Aahaar Expert

Our Mantra: Healthy Lifestyle & Healthy Food

Our Philosophy

Most of the diseases are a result of adopting to a wrong lifestyle and wrong selection of dietary habits for oneself & it is possible to avoid or control any disease by adopting a Healthy Lifestyle & Healthy Food habits. Medicines are not a solution to any of the diseased problems.

Humans are required to treat their body with respect by feeding it with right food.

At Aahaar Expert , we believe that majority of the human diseases are a result of internal body parts malfunctioning & the human body is so strong that it repairs the damages by itself.
A diseased person needs to only support the internal functions of the body to get it repaired and it is possible to either avoid or control all the major diseases of modern age by adopting a healthy lifestyle & consuming healthy food.

Through our Diet & Lifestyle Modification consultancy we would like to give an alternative to medicines.

5 Reasons to Choose Aahaar Expert

  • Get fitness guidance from Educated & Experienced Dietitian/Nutritionist
  • Simple & Easy to follow Diet
  • Regular monitoring of your fitness target
  • With us, you will learn the art of Healthy Eating
  • Proven results
  • With Aahaar Expert you will not only attain your fitness target but also maintain it for future.

The Mission of Aahaar Expert is to aware/encourage /guide people around the world to adopt a “Healthy Lifestyle & Healthy Diet”. It is our strong belief that most of the modern age diseases can either be controlled or avoided by Regular Exercise & Right Diet


To become one of the key players in the field online Diet/health consultancy service provider.


Customer Satisfaction is our prime motto. We will provide suitable Diet & Life style modification consultancy to our valued customer & We shall always follow ethical medical practices.

Quality Policy

Customer Delight is our main motto. We always want our customers to get health benefits through our recommendations.

About Dietitian

I strongly believe in the statement “Purity of Diet Follow Purity of Mind”.

Throughout my education & professional career I have learnt & understood the strength of food.

Whether your fitness target is to Lose /Gain Weight or you want to correct any Lifestyle related disorder a guided diet & lifestyle program from me can help you in achieving your fitness target faster.

My objective in life is to encourage/aware people around the globe to adopt a Healthy Diet & Lifestyle regime.


  • B.Sc.(Food & Dietetics)
  • M.Sc.(Food & Nutrition)
  • Diabetes Educator
  • Critical Care Nutritionist
  • K11 Fitness Academy Certified Sports Nutritionist

Learned From

  • AIIMS (New Delhi)
  • T. Choitram Hospital (Indore)
  • CHL Group of Hospitals (Indore)
  • G.K. Hospital (Indore)
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