8 Simple & Effective Weight Loss Tips Before Wedding

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8 Simple & Effective Weight Loss Tips Before Wedding

Your wedding day is one of, if not the most special day in your life as you enter a new phase with your partner. One of the most important facets of looking your best during your wedding is to lose weight. Here are some points to remember and abide by when you are trying to lose weight-

  • Keep the target of losing weight a priority – You will have to ensure that exercising, following a strict diet and all the regimens are strictly adhered to in order to achieve success on this front. This should be started at least a few months before the wedding day so that results are visible on the day itself.
  • Reduce alcohol intake – Alcohol intake should be reduced as much as possible; bear in mind that it is even more difficult to achieve this as the day comes nearer. Numerous parties and gathering will have an offering of alcohol but it is best if you either abstain from it or severely limit your intake. Even small portions but regular consumption will dampen your efforts to lose weight.
  • Must have breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is important that you have a healthy and satisfying breakfast to give you energy all day long. If you skip on breakfast, there is a possibility of overcompensating for it during other meals which will slow
    down weight loss or will contribute to weight gain.
  • Limit your food intake in various parties – Much before the marriage, you will have to attend as well as host many parties such as showers, bachelor parties, and many others. Foods served in these parties, in most cases, will be very fattening. Thus limit your food intake at various
    parties or opt for healthy options when you have control over the kind of food to be served.
  • Try seeking help and support – It is important to have proper mental support when trying to lose weight. There may be enablers in your home who might try to derail you from your goals unknowingly, and it is thus important to have proper support that will help you stay on the path. You could even seek professional support to help achieve your goals.
  • Reduce Stress – Stress and panic are two of the major contributors to binge eating which contribute to weight gain and thus may slow down or halt your weight loss progress. Mediate daily to reduce and keep stress levels in check.
  • Don’t Starve – This is a mistake many people make by not eating and over-exercising while trying to lose weight. However, this can rebound and come back to haunt you in a much bigger manner wherein you might end up binge eating. Hence, it is important to not starve and munch on healthy food such as fruits and other low-calorie snacks.
  • Drink plenty of water, which is a very important ingredient in weight loss – An area which you shouldn’t neglect and skimp on, drinking sufficient water is also a necessity in order to achieve your weight loss goals.


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