6 Wonderful Food For Winter

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Gentle cold waves have started hitting most part of our country. During winter abundance of food options are available. We have to b selective in choosing the food that keeps us fit & also protects us from cold & flu during winter.

Here are 6 wonderful food for winter that will keep you warm & healthy

  1. Ginger: Most of us enjoy our cold winter morning with a hot cup of Tea. Add ginger to your everyday tea to add flavor to your cup of tea & start your day with a warm note. Ginger also helps us in fighting season borne diseases. Ginger is full with lots of antibacterial properties that will protect you from common cold & flu.
  2. Honey: It is instrumental in combating cold, flu or cough during winter. Even if it is sweet, honey doesn’t add calories and is also beneficial in keeping the body warm.
  3. Garlic: Its antibacterial properties keep one away from the common winter diseases like cold, cough and throat irritations. It keeps the cholesterol level in check, thus aiding good health during winters. One can have three to four garlic cloves daily or add it to cooked dishes for a flavorsome meal.
  4. Tulsi: Tulsi is filled with lots of medicinal properties and is enriched in vitamin C, A, zinc, and iron that collaboratively work towards building immunity against cold borne diseases like cold, cough, sinus and other respiratory problems. Tulsi leaves can fight you against diseases and keep your body warm during the cold weather.
  5. Dried Fruits & Nuts: Start your winter day with a handful of nuts like walnuts, pistachios, and almonds to your winter breakfast. You can also give some twist to your regular oats, Dalia or breakfast cereal by adding dried apricots, figs, and raisins to it. Dry fruits will not only provide you much-needed warmth throughout the day but will also keep you energetic during winters.
  6. Eggs: Eggs are not only healthy for the body but are packed with many proteins and minerals that protect your body from diseases in the winter.


Do you have any query regarding the diet to be consumed during the winters please get in touch with me.

Dietitian Vinita Jaiswal

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