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Losing weight is all about consuming less calories & burning more.
It is important to know the calorie content of your daily food item so that you may check you daily calories & nutrition intake and can keep a control over your body weight.
If you consume the food with fewer calories & more nutritional value you will definitely end up in losing weight without harming your body.

If you want to lose weight, the first advise that someone will give you is to limit your calories. While we know that processed foods and junk foods pack a lot of calories and should be consumed less, what about everyday food items like rice, bread, the biscuits that accompany your evening cup of tea or even a chapati? If this has got you thinking, fret not as we deconstruct the calorie intake for the most common foods items that we consume almost on a daily basis. I have divided the portions, considering the amount you eat may not be more than a bowl or one serving in a day.
1. 1 Bowl of cooked rice
1 bowl of cooked rice has about 136 calories and a plateful of cooked rice has 272 calories which are about 80 grams a plate.

2. 1 chapatti and 1 parantha
1 medium chapatti made with 20 grams of atta (whole wheat atta) has about 70 calories, while 1 large chapatti made with 30 grams of atta will have about 100 calories. On the other hand, 1 large plain parantha made with 30 grams of atta had about 121 calories and a portion of stuffed aloo parantha will be 210 calories.

3. 1 bowl of sooji ka halwa
1 small bowl of sooji ka halwa is approximately 379 calories! This is because the halwa includes lots of pure desi ghee and sugar.

4. 1 samosa
1 medium-sized aloo ka samosa has about 123 calories. This has added potatoes and is deep fried in refined oil.

5. 1 Serving of French fries
130 grams of French fries that is one serving will have about 427 calories if they are fried. If you are baking them, the same amount will be less than 200 calories.

6. 1 Cup of tea
1 cup of tea with 30 millilitres (ml) of milk and two teaspoons of sugar is about 37 calories. The calorie intake of tea increases with the increase in the amount of sugar and milk.

7. 1 Cup of coffee
1 cup of coffee will be 150 calories for the same amount of milk and sugar as tea.

8. 1 Bowl of namkeen
1 bowl of namkeen (bhujia) may have about 550 to 600 calories. So, watch out!

9. 1 Bowl of cooked dal
1 bowl of cooked moong dal, say about 30 grams of dal, would be around 104 calories. The calories in other dals may slightly vary.

10. 3 Non-creamy and creamy biscuits (along with tea)
1 creamy biscuit is about 160 calories and 1 non-creamy biscuit is about 100 calories. For three creamy biscuits, it will be a whopping 480 calories that you consume and for three non-creamy biscuits, you would be adding about 300 calories to your day.

11. 1 Poori
1 medium atta poori fried in 10 grams of oil is about 125 calories. If you have three medium pooris, you may be consuming about 375 calories; still less than having three creamy biscuits!

If you have any questions regarding Weight Loss or Calorie content of the regular food that we eat please write to me.

Weight Loss & Wellness Consultant
Dietitian Vinita Jaiswal
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