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To lose weight you must be aware of the fact of total calories in your food .

Top 10 Indian Daily Food Items & their calorie count.

What is calorie in food?

The calories in the foods you eat and the beverages you drink each day play a role in your weight and health status. The calories you consume each day help your body produce energy.It’s crucial that you eat nutritiously most of the time.So if you want to maintain a healthy body weight you have to be conscious about the calorie intake in your daily diet.

Why eating more calories results in putting on weight ?

A very simple formula for Weight Loss is to “Eat Less Calories & Burn more”. Altough it looks very simple formula but most of people finds it very difficult to adopt. But the success of weight loss remains in the fact to eat food with less calories & more nutritional value and burn more calories by physical activities.

It is important to know how to burn calories to lose weight but it is equally important to know the calorie content of your daily food.

One of the thumb rules for weight loss is to keep a track on your calorie intake. If you are on a weight reduction diet or are even remotely aware of the diet and fitness world, you may have heard the most common weight loss advice of burning calories is to burn fat. Calorie is a unit of measurement indicating the amount of energy released when the body breaks down (digests and absorbs) food. As the food breaks down and is digested, it releases calories. When it releases more calories than needed by the body as energy to sustain, the extra calories get stored as fat. As long as your body is using up all the calories released by the food you eat, you are able to maintain your weight, but whenever there is an imbalance, you have a greater tendency to gain weight.

All food sources has calories which goes on to act as the source of energy in your body. A gram of protein has four calories. One gram of fat has almost double the amount of calories – nine calories. That is a rough breakdown of calories by each food source. But ever wondered how many of these calories are taken by you in an average Indian lunch thali?

“The general thumb rule as far as daily calorie recommendation goes is 1900 calories for Indian Women and 2100 calories for Indian men.”

  1. Small Phulka: A small to regular-sized phulka has about 100-110 calories.
  2. A bowl of cooked rice: 1 bowl of cooked rice has about 130-140 calories and a plateful of cooked rice has 270-290 calories, which is about 60 to 80 grams a plate.
  3. One Chapatti and One Parantha: 1 medium chapatti made with 20-30 grams of atta (whole wheat atta) has about 80-100 calories. On the other hand, 1 large plain parantha made with 30 grams of atta had about 120-130 calories and a portion of stuffed Aloo Parantha will amount to 200-220 calories.
  4. One Bowl of Cooked Dal: 1 bowl of cooked Moong Dal, say about 30 grams of dal, would come up to about 100-115 calories. The calories in other dals may slightly vary. It is always advisable to go for whole variety of dals over the refined ones to have maximum nutritional benefit.
  5. Dry Veg Sabzi: A bowl of dry sabzi of bhindi, potatoes or cauliflower adds roughly upto 130-150 calories.
  6. Dahi (curd): 100 grams of curd contains about 70-100 calories. Curd has an instant cooling effect on the body. It is a storehouse of good bacteria and aids in digestion. It also happens to be good for your heart.
  7. Chicken Curry: A bowl of chicken curry adds upto 120-150 calories approx.The preparation of chicken curry plays a large role in it’s calorie count.Chicken curry cooked with lots of oil/ghee/butter/cream adds up to lots of calories. So prepare your chicken curry in less oil/ghee/butter/cream to enjoy it’s nutritional value more .
  8. Fish fry: Fan of greasy fish fries? Watch out as about 3 ounces(85 grams) of it may amount to 190 to 210 calories. However that doesn’t mean you rule out fish off your diet, if prepared healthy, cooked fish are a great source of proteins, and omega 3 acids.
  9. 2 Piece Besan Barfi: Fond of some meetha after your round of meal? It is natural for our bodies to crave something sweet after meals. But make sure you make wise choices when it comes to dessert. About two pieces of small besan barfi can amount upto 220 calories.
  10. One piece of fruit cake: One piece of fruit cake can give you up to 70 calories.

It is always good to be aware of your overall food intake. The above listed count is only a rough and approximate amount, the real play is in the preparation of the dishes and the portion consumed. Deep fried and greasy foods will automatically increase the calorie count to perhaps double the approximate count. Try baking or shallow frying to attain maximum benefits. A bowl of boiled vegetables and an addition of salads may also make your daily lunch healthier and wholesome.

To get a customised diet plan for a Healthy Body Weight please consult me.

Dietitian Vinita Jaiswal
Weight Loss & Wellness Consultant

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