How a Dietitian Can Help in Losing Weight

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We often seek the services of a Dietitian/Nutritionist to stay healthy & achieve ideal body weight. Most of us approach Dietitian to “LOSE WEIGHT”. But it is imperative to understand What A Dietitian does to Help us in Losing Weight?

Top 6 suggestions by a Dietitian to Lose Weight.

  1. Understanding your Diet habits – The primary job of a dietitian is to understand your current wrong Diet & Lifestyle habits. Once Dietitian has understood the lacuna he/she will give your necessary advice to correct.
  2. Age, Height, Weight & Gender – Before prescribing any diet-related changes A dietitian always takes into consideration your current Body Height, Weight, Age & Gender. A Dietitian always chalks out a Diet plan taking into account your current physical activities. At times Dietitian also keeps note of the patient’s previous medical history before recommending any Diet changes.
  3. Calorie count – We all know losing weight is always burning more calories & consuming less calories. A Dietitian plans the diet recommendation in such a manner that the person who is looking to lose weight will always consume less calories & burn more calories, this results in losing weight.
  4. Nutrition- Most of the Dietitians make sure that anyone who is looking to lose weight doesn’t end up in losing vital nutritious in the daily diet. Once your body is getting all the nutrition you won’t feel weak during your weight loss regime.
  5. High Metabolic rate – The magic of losing weight underlies in your high metabolic rate. Most of the people who do not lose weight or find it hard to lose weight are ones who are suffering from the suppressed metabolic rate. A Dietitian always recommend you to eat in regular intervals this helps in increasing your metabolic rate, with the high metabolic rate you will lose weight faster.
  6. Sufficient rest – If you wish to lose weight, it is important to give proper rest to your body & mind. You will lose more weight & at a faster pace if you have a high resting metabolic rate. Most of the Dietitian suggest giving proper rest to your body & mind by learning meditation & recommending sleep of 7-8 hours.
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