Diet Versus Workout: Which Helps In Losing Weight Faster ?

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What is the best way to lose weight?…. Healthy/Balanced Diet or Exhaustive Workout? If this question really haunts you then this article may help you in clearing doubts/myths.

Some people just concentrate on Workout/Exercise & enjoy eating what they like most & others because of tight work schedule don’t get time to work out & stick to Balanced & Low-Calorie Diet.

Well, the answer for a Healthy Body Weight & high level of fitness lies in maintaining a regularity for workout/exercise & never ignore the importance of eating healthy & nutritious food.

If you are unable to do exercise(yoga/gym/sports) on daily basis then make a promise to yourself to indulge in some sort of exercise for 40-60 mins for minimum 3-4 times in a week.

If you are suffering from Obesity or any other lifestyle-related disease like -Diabetes, Cardiac or High Blood pressure then as a Dietitian it is my strong advise to never ignore the importance of healthy/nutritious eating(fruits and vegetables) always avoid high calorie(bakery items, sweets, fried items) & unhealthy food(soft drinks, junk food, oily food).

So, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about working your diet and fitness routine in tandem with each other. You need to consistently eat right, make smarter health choices and must never get lazy with your fitness routine.

When we are trying to lose weight, we also run the risk of putting it back again as most of us are trying to polish a sluggish metabolism and rev it up. In such a case, what you invest in your body takes precedence over how you choose to burn the calories. Eating right will always help you burn fat easier and faster, whereas wrong food choices will make it difficult for you to lose weight and will also require you to work extra hard to achieve desired results.

Weight loss, weight management, and diet maintenance can be a tricky affair; therefore one must only try to go by the facts and not give in to sweeping claims. While most experts would vouch for a 70/30 divide between diet and exercise, there are others who reason otherwise. “The 70-30 divide of diet and exercise cannot be held true for all, there is no one formula that fits all. In fact, some of the new guidelines that have come up, keeping in mind our contemporary lifestyle, actually press for an average adult to take up 20-30 minutes of brisk walking every single day, all around the year. You simply cannot skip exercising.

I have lots of clients who sweat it out in the gym for hours and come to me saying that their workout is not giving any result. No matter how much you workout, if you are not making correct dietary choices, everything will go to waste. If you’re loading up on a sugary granola bar or an aerated drink right after your workout, do you really expect to get any results? You may burn out as many calories as you like, but if you are not feeding adequate nutrients to your body then ultimately it will collapse, and won’t help you build any muscle or stamina,”

“Firstly and most importantly, most of us are not even getting all the nutrients that the body requires for optimum functioning. Most Indians are deficient in vitamin D and protein. How do you expect your body to work or workout for that matter without getting all the essential nutrients? So, clean your diet first, get rid of all the bad stuff and understand the importance of various food groups. Once you have got your basics in place, try to maintain it and not falter. Lap it up with consistent exercising and you will see the difference,”

Keep a journal to keep a tab of your eating habits; Photo Credit: iStock
“Diet and workout go hand-in-hand. I actually believe that abs are made in the kitchen. Having said that, the only diet will not give the body you desire, that sculpted look is always a product of exercising your body,”.

“It is very important to watch your diet. If you are on a high-intensity fitness plan, you need a good diet to help your body recover, otherwise, you will just snap and collapse. You will run the risk of getting injured. I am talking about mindful eating here,”.

All in all, what we are looking at is an overhauled lifestyle to accommodate choicest of foods and ample exercising. You can remain healthy all through your life but you will have to lap it up with physical activity to remain fit and agile. On the other hand, you may keep trying your luck in the gym but it won’t materialize until you make healthy dietary choices and supply all essential nutrients to your body. The ratio may keep changing, opinions will keep pouring in, the takeaway from this discussion concludes that your diet and physical activity will always have to go hand-in-hand and never in isolation. Just one of them will never be able to run your body without the other.

Whenever you are involved in workout/exercise your body muscles are damaged/ruptured it can be repaired/rebuilt only with the help of nutritious diet. Also, a right diet helps in building your stamina so that you won’t feel tired after exercise/workout.

Balanced/Nutritious Diet + Regular Exercise = Healthy Body Weight.

Remember the above formula to lead a Happy & Healthy Life.

I hope this article might have helped you in understanding the importance of exercise & healthy food.

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Dietitian Vinita Jaiswal
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