Benefits of Walking

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Walking is regarded as best exercise to attain good health. Walking is simple & very effective exercise if done regularly. It is recommended to walk early in the morning & under sun. Morning walk sets your mood & you will feel fresh for the entire day.

Here are 21 benefits of walking.


  1. Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease
  2. Prevent or control type 2 diabetes
  3. Reduce the risk of stroke
  4. Lower your blood pressure
  5. Reduce high cholesterol levels
  6. Reduce your risk of developing colon cancer and other types of cancers
  7. Strengthen your bones, thereby reducing your risk of osteoporosis
  8. Prevent hip fractures and other issues by reducing the risk of falls
  9. It is a good weight loss exercise
  10. Increase your chances at survival for breast cancer
  11. Reduce feelings of depression
  12. Prevent osteoarthritis
  13. Tone your legs, abdomen, and buttocks
  14. Increase energy by increasing blood circulation and oxygen supply to your body
  15. Reduce the likelihood of developing dementia
  16. Burn calories to help lose weight
  17. Reduce your stress
  18. Absorb vitamin D from the sun
  19. Improve your balance and coordination
  20. Socialize with friends while enjoying the outdoors
  21. Increases your metabolism

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